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Pursuing Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

If you suffered personal injuries in a motorcycle accident, and did the very best you could do: took pictures of the accident scene, record names of witnesses, went to the hospital for a treatment, and reported the accident, now what? You make a claim against the negligent driver’s insurance company. What happens next are two scenarios commonly faced by those who don’t get represented by a New York motorcycle accident lawyer:

  • the insurance company denies your claim.
  • the insurance company will use its own terms in settling your case, leaving you under-compensated.

Getting Fair Financial Compensation and More

Either of these isn’t fair. That’s why people hire lawyers to make the claim than do the job themselves. You can still pursue an insurance claim but this time, you have to seriously consider having a motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your case. A motorcycle accident attorney can expedite your case so that you can cover all medical bills and injury-related costs in no time.

Contrary to public opinion, you don’t only get compensated for your financial loss. Lawyers can help you get compensated for emotional and physical pain. Even if you are partially responsible for the accident, you’re still entitled to compensation. Working with lawyers who have handled similar cases are in the best position to guarantee you fair settlement of the case.

Factors to Consider When Pursuing an Accident Insurance Claim

Your motorcycle accident attorney already knows these but, it’s best to understand for yourself what factors affect your insurance claim.

  • The police report that contains accident-specific details. Claims adjusters from insurance companies will likely contact the police to confirm your statement and obtain further information.
  • Your medical report. Insurance companies will likely compare pre-accident and post-accident scans of your injuries to check if damage has been done and to what extent. This is why motorcycle accident lawyers advice victims to seek medical attention immediately. Make sure to visit a doctor right away and follow medical instructions carefully. And if you have pre-existing injuries before the accident, inform your physician to take ultrasounds or X-rays of those areas.
  • Recorded testimonies from witnesses.
  • Statements made to the other driver or any other persons in the accident area. It’s wise to avoid statements of blame especially when you’re pursuing a claim.
  • Photos of the actual scene right after the accident.
  • Documents that testify the number of days and salary you lost because of the motorcycle accident.
  • State-specific limitations included in your vehicle insurance policy.

Ready to pursue a motorcycle accident insurance claim? Contact the experienced New York motorcycle accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Mark E. Weinberger today, to get the professional advice and representation you deserve. It’s the best way to enforce your rights and protect your interests, including a fast and fair settlement of your insurance claim.

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