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Inadequate Security Lawyers Help Victims Get Compensation

Inadequate or negligent security happens when a property owner fails to implement reasonable security measures to protect you from a crime. Generally, property owners are not responsible for any crime that occurs on their property. There are, however, special cases when an owner is deemed negligent and hence obliged to compensate victims.

Property owners include proprietors of mall and shopping centers, apartments and other rental accommodations, restaurants, private clubs and the likes. Here’s a brief guide to protecting and enforcing your rights as a victim of inadequate security, and how inadequate security lawyerscould help you if you suffered injuries or loss of property due to negligent security.

Business Proprietors are Obliged to Protect Customers

Local laws ensure that people are safe not only inside their homes but also in public and commercial spaces. Part of them are directed towards business property owners. They are required by law to make good faith effort to prevent or deter crimes from happening on their properties. They can, for instance employ security guards, improve lighting and perimeter protection and continuously maintain their property. Owners who fail to comply with such requirement are considered negligent.

For example, suppose you were attacked and injured by a duo of thieves in your apartment. The building was located near an area where crimes happen on a weekly basis. The owner, however, failed to secure the building by hiring security guards to periodically patrol the area. To make it worse, the building is not equipped with adequate lighting and window and door locks.

This is an obvious case of inadequate security and you have the right to get compensated.

Possible Consequences of a Property Owner’s Negligent Security

Not sure if your case falls under negligent security? Here’s a range of injuries people commonly suffer due to inadequate security:

  • serious assault
  • rape
  • murder
  • terrorist attack
  • cyberspace attack
  • identity theft
  • slip and fall accidents
  • personal injuries
  • bone fractures
  • head trauma
  • robbery
  • abduction
  • death

Victims of negligent security may also suffer severe post traumatic stress disorder. If you believe you have been injured due to negligent security, talk to an inadequate security lawyer today.

Getting Full and Fair Compensation for the Injury or Loss You Suffered

The consequences of negligent or inadequate security alone can be very traumatic for you or your loved one. Filing a claim against a property owner is yet another harrowing experience. To make it worse, there is no guarantee that you get fully compensated.

Having an inadequate security lawyer represent you allows you to recover sufficient monetary compensation for your injuries. With an extensive understanding of the law and how it applies to specific cases, a negligent security lawyer is better able to enforce your right to full and fair compensation.

There is a statute of limitations that prevents you from taking legal action after a certain time period has passed since the date of crime. So if you or a loved one has suffered an injury caused by inadequate security, schedule an appointment with the experienced Long Island inadequate security lawyers at The Law Offices of Mark Weinberger today.

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