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3 Common Causes Of Electrocution On Construction Sites

From inclement weather to high elevations, many construction workers must contend with dozens of hazards every time they step foot on a job site. Falls, caught-between accidents, struck-by collisions and electrocutions are so deadly, though, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has branded them the…

Children Are At Increased Risk In Parking Lots

Parents regularly take their kids with them to the grocery store and other shops. Not only does this give parents an opportunity to expose children to everyday activities, but it also helps control child care costs. Every year, approximately 200 children under the age of…

Why Do Construction Trenches Collapse?

Trenches are common on construction sites in and around Long Island, as contractors routinely use them to repair roads, build foundations and install utility lines. Unfortunately, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, trench collapses kill an average of nearly 20 individuals every single…

Is Your Construction Ladder Unsafe?

Ladder accidents are a common cause of both injury and death for construction workers in Long Island and across the country. In fact, falls on construction sites happen so frequently that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration lists them as one of the fatal four…



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