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Should Auto-Stop Table Saw Safety Technology Be Mandatory?

Over ten Americans each day suffer from finger or hand amputations because of table saw-related accidents. Congress could enact a law that would require table saws to be equipped with auto-stop safety technology. This near-flawless safety technology would prevent almost all table saw injuries from…

Commercial Truck Accidents Can Be Deadly For The Other Vehicle

A New Jersey resident was recently killed when their car collided with a dump truck on I-78 in Berkeley Heights. According to ABC7, the truck lost control, broke through a barrier and hit the other vehicle when it was driving in the opposite direction. For…

Carpal Tunnel syndrome: How Do Doctors Diagnose It?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is something you definitely know you have if you’re experiencing its painful symptoms. Tingling, numbness and extreme, radiating pain throughout the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms is common with this condition. Often, sufferers have to stop using their computers at work because…

Be On The Lookout For Negligent Security. Criminals Are Too.

Criminals are always looking for easy victims. They avoid injury, and capture, at all costs. For these reasons, a dark and unsecured property is their perfect scene. That is why property owners are obligated to properly light and secure their premises for your protection. It…

Employer Requirements For Scaffolding Safety

Approximately 65% of all construction workers do their job on scaffolding. Scaffolding is defined as any temporary elevated platform. Working on these platforms can create the potential for workers to be injured from a fall, bad planking, electrocution, a dropped object and more. To prevent…

What Are The Most Common Construction Site Dangers?

If you are regularly employed at New York construction sites and you’ve never been injured, consider yourself extremely lucky. Construction workers have some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. These professions have a very high injury and death rate compared to other jobs.…

Property Owners Must Keep Passageways Free Of Tripping Dangers

A negligent property owner who fails to correct potential slip-and-fall hazards will be financially liable to visitors who get hurt because of these hazards. This liability could extend to the costs associated with the victim’s medical care, lost wages due to time spent unable to…



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