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The Common Defenses Against New York Slip and Fall Claims

Winning a New York slip and fall case is very difficult and property owners and/or managers will always come up with ways to avoid admitting their liability for injuries that occur on their property. They may argue that the accident happened so soon after the…

New York Landlord Negligence: Your Landlord’s Duty to You

Have you ever been hurt because your landlord neglected to fix something that’s broken in your building? If you answered “yes,” then you ought to know that landlords and property owners have a responsibility to remedy defective and hazardous conditions in your building and that…

New York Inadequate Security Can Happen Anywhere

Inadequate security is a specific kind of premises liability, in which an owner or operator of a business or property may be held legally accountable for harm that befalls anyone who engages in his business or enters his property. These injuries may occur in places…

The Benefit of Hiring an Experienced Construction Accident Site Attorney – New York Legal Advice

New York construction site accidents can involve more than one legally liable party so consulting with an attorney is definitely a good idea if you’ve been injured in a New York construction site accident. Some liable parties can be easily identified by anyone even without…

Fatal Car Accident Lawyers – New York

In the US, 115 people die every day from car accidents. That’s one death ever thirteen minutes. These figures are shocking and sobering. New York car accidents can destroy the lives of those unfortunate enough to be involved in them. They can result in almost…

Suffolk County Personal Injury Attorney: New York Negligence and Tort Laws

Suffolk County personal injury law is based on two principles: negligence and intentional acts. Negligence involves someone bringing about harm without the intention to cause injury. Vehicular accidents (if a person is not breaking the law), slip and fall accidents and professional malpractice accidents are…



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