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The Common Defenses Against New York Slip and Fall Claims

Winning a New York slip and fall case is very difficult and property owners and/or managers will always come up with ways to avoid admitting their liability for injuries that occur on their property.

They may argue that the accident happened so soon after the hazard came into being that it would have been impossible for anyone to have prevented the injury. They can also claim that the hazard was obvious enough for a reasonably careful person to avoid. In short, they will do their best to convince the world at large that the fault is someone else’s – and that someone else could be you.

A New York slip and fall lawyer can help prove that the accident was unforeseeable and that it was caused by another’s negligence.

Do not be surprised if the land owner/manager (with the help of his or her attorney) tries to make you look like an inattentive, careless, or even self-destructive fool who deserves no sympathy or compensation.

If the property owner/manager can prove that your injuries were the result of your own negligence, your chances of getting compensated are slim. To make certain that your New York slip and fall injuries do not go uncompensated, obtain the legal services of an experienced New York slip and fall attorney as soon as possible.

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