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Long Island Landlord Negligence Lawyers on Fitness for Human Habitation

While a lot of landlords are honest and take their responsibilities seriously, there are others whose only concern is collecting as much money in rent as they can, while spending as little as possible on issues of sanitation and safety. The law in New York…

Negligent Landlords vs. Long Island Landlord Negligence Attorneys

Most commercial property rental leases provide that the landlord has a duty to make certain major repairs, such as air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical and exterior walls and utilities. The tenant’s responsibility is to give the landlord notice that the item is in need of…

Landlord Negligence – Long Island, NY

While it is important to immediately contact an experienced Long Island NY landlord negligence attorney once you or a loved one has been injured because of a property owner’s or landlord’s negligence, there are other things you must do to effectively respond to such injuries.…

New York Landlord Negligence: Your Landlord’s Duty to You

Have you ever been hurt because your landlord neglected to fix something that’s broken in your building? If you answered “yes,” then you ought to know that landlords and property owners have a responsibility to remedy defective and hazardous conditions in your building and that…



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