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Places That Can Have Inadequate Security

It’s a dangerous world out there and there is no excuse for anyone having any kind of inadequate security. It’s a face of life that we live in a litigious world so it should surprise no one that the world has become an even more…

Secure Your Life: Why You Should Hire A Negligent Security Lawyer

When is it considered a case of negligent security? One may be held responsible for negligent security if it is proven that they did not take sufficient measures to enhance security and this negligence was in their full knowledge. For example if the owner of…

Inadequate Security Lawyers Help Victims Get Compensation

Inadequate or negligent security happens when a property owner fails to implement reasonable security measures to protect you from a crime. Generally, property owners are not responsible for any crime that occurs on their property. There are, however, special cases when an owner is deemed…

Long Island Inadequate Security Lawyers on Violent Crimes

If a property owner or manager’s negligent failure to provide adequate security has caused you an injury, you may be entitled to monetary compensation through an inadequate security claim. Inadequate security can facilitate assault, armed robbery, rape and kidnapping. A number of conditions can contribute…

Inadequate Security Law – New York

New York inadequate security law states that owners and proprietors of businesses that are open to the public or of buildings that provide housing to tenants or guests have the legal responsibility to maintain adequate security for the people living or visiting the premises. Failure…



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