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Places That Can Have Inadequate Security

It’s a dangerous world out there and there is no excuse for anyone having any kind of inadequate security. It’s a face of life that we live in a litigious world so it should surprise no one that the world has become an even more dangerous place for people just trying to live their life. Here are five places that to be cautious so that you and others can stay safe.


One of the places we all may feel “safe” is at school. Granted school isn’t a hard hat construction zone but you still need to be mindful of all the moves you make around your school. The simple fact of the matter is that even the most well-funded schools can have inadequate security. There can’t be eyes everywhere so at the very least you are going to be looking at the potential for all kinds of lawsuits. Whether it’s a guard railing that’s missing or undisciplined kids pummeling a defenseless child you need to be mindful of all the things which go on inside of the scholastic setting.


Another area where security can be lax is at concerts and other live events. If you look around at a concert you will probably notice a very stage-centered view of things. That is, the security resources and energies are all directed at the stage rather than at the audience. If there are 20, 40 or 60,000 people in the audience there obviously can’t be eyes everywhere. When there is inadequate security there are bound to be issues. From simple slip and falls to robbery and major injuries, the lack of security at concert events is another area where vigilance is the key.


An area where the eyes on the floor can be as many or as few as there are cameras, the sad truth is that so many incidents which go on in a work setting often go unchecked. Whether you are talking about another simple slip and fall or you have greater employer negligent work at play you need to always be careful of the pitfalls of work.


You might think that your home building is totally safe but it’s actually here that many of the most egregious problems with inadequate security can happen. You can’t protect what you can’t see and that is really the problem with so many building-wide incidents. It is often a simple case of he-said/she-said so when you are trying to bring up charges against a fellow co-worker you should be aware of that.


Home is where the heart is but when you are living in apartment life you are prone to all of the potential perils which exist here. Whether you are confronted with a gas leak from your stove, a scalded water issue from a broken water main, or extreme heat or cold from your non-working HVAC unit you need to protect yourself against the lackadaisical nature of your building and your apartments having inadequate security.

Of course there are scores of areas where poor security rings a bell loud and true. But if you protect yourself against these potential perils and always document and record incidents when they do happen you are going to be ahead of the game.

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