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How Do Whiplash Injuries Usually Happen?

Every reader of this blog has either seen someone they know, someone on the street or someone in a movie wearing a puffy, white neck brace while complaining of having whiplash. Maybe you’re wearing such a neck brace yourself, right now. If you are, you…

What Are The Top 2 Construction Site Dangers?

Anyone who has spent time working on a New York construction site knows how dangerous they are. They also know that their employers must — by law — take specific action to limit the risks associated with working at a construction job site. According to…

5 Things You Should Never Do On A Scaffold

New York hardhats work on scaffolds every day, but that doesn’t make these devices any less of a safety risk. In fact, the longer you work at elevation on a scaffold, the more likely you are to suffer a serious accident. Therefore, it’s vital that…

Avoiding Ladder Falls: Tips For Staying Upright

As someone who works in construction, it’s normal for you to use a ladder. The problem with ladders is that there is a high risk of falling, especially when they are not used correctly. In the wrong circumstances, someone could fall and be severely hurt…

Examples Of A Premises Liability Lawsuit

When most New York residents hear the words “premises liability lawsuit,” they imagine slip-and-fall injuries. However, this category of personal injury law is vast and includes a wide variety of incidents from dog bites and swimming pool injuries to slips, trips and falls caused by…

Unique Considerations For Different Types Of Car Accidents

Every motor vehicle accident has unique facts and circumstances that apply to it. Police will analyze these details to determine fault in the crash and whether any parties committed crimes. Meanwhile, personal injury lawyers will analyze the details to determine which party may be financially…

How Dangerous Is Driving While Drowsy?

Everyone knows that driving while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and can get you into trouble. But what about driving when you are tired? Studies show that driving while tired could be as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. According to the National Highway…



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