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Examples Of A Premises Liability Lawsuit

When most New York residents hear the words “premises liability lawsuit,” they imagine slip-and-fall injuries. However, this category of personal injury law is vast and includes a wide variety of incidents from dog bites and swimming pool injuries to slips, trips and falls caused by broken sidewalks.

Here are some of the many types of lawsuits classified under premises liability law:

Retail store injuries

When a business opens its doors to the public, it needs to make sure its premises are safe and free of unnecessary dangers. This means that carpets and rugs need to be kept in good repair. Adequate lighting needs to be provided so visitors can see where they’re going. Spills and wet areas need to be cleaned up quickly. Staircases and walkways also need to be free of tripping hazards.

Dog attacks

Property owners must restrain their pets from attacking visitors. When a property owner fails to restrain his or her animal, and a serious injury happens after someone gets bit or attacked, the property owner will probably be financially liable to pay for the injuries.

Public parks and playgrounds

Playgrounds, by their nature, come with certain hazards and parents and children who visit playgrounds are largely tasked with “playing at their own risk.” However, the owners of these facilities must keep them in good repair to avoid the unnecessary risk of injury.

Inadequate security

Another type of premises liability claim involves a property owner’s failure to provide adequate security for visitors. Imagine someone gets attacked by a mugger or sexual predator while walking to his or her car in a dark parking lot after spending time at a local shopping mall. In this case, the shopping mall might be liable for failing to provide adequate security.

Were you hurt in any way while visiting someone else’s property? Learn more about the process of filing and pursuing premises liability claims by visiting our website.

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