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Steps To Take When Making A Car Insurance Claim

Making a car insurance claim is more difficult than it sounds, as it’s critical to take all the right steps at the right time. For example, if you pass the entire process off to your agent, assuming they’ll do what’s best for you, it’s possible…

These Tips Can Help You Avoid A Ladder Fall

Falls are among the most dangerous incidents that can take place. In 2017, 36,338 people died from falls at home or work on and off ladders. They’re also a leading cause of nonfatal injuries. To prevent falls, it’s important to know the tools you’re working…

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We established this blog to share stories and information about topics relevant to our practice. Our intent is to regularly provide posts highlighting legal issues of local, state and national interest that we think you will find interesting. Check back later for updates.

Signs Of Substandard Care In A Skilled Nursing Facility

The care that a person receives in a nursing home should meet that person’s needs. Individualized care plans can be beneficial, but only if the staff follows those plans accordingly. When any vital need is bypassed, there is a chance that the resident might suffer.…

Don’t Forget To Follow These Highway Driving Safety Tips

Driving on the highway is different than driving in the city or in a rural setting. In addition to fast moving vehicles, you’re likely to contend with traffic, construction and a variety of other challenges. While there’s no way to guarantee your safety as a…

Family Of Woman Who Died In Fall Seeks Subway Elevators

In the wake of their family member’s death after tumbling down the stairs of a Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) station, one New York City family is imploring the agency to install elevators in their stations around the city. The woman was attempting to descend a…

Ladder Injuries Are Often Due To Poor Training

Many workers in the construction industry use ladders as part of their daily work. Ladders can be very dangerous when they are not installed or used correctly, and this is why it is vital that workers are trained in how to inspect and operate ladders…

Common Causes Of Ladder Accidents At Work

Your profession may call for you to regularly use a ladder. For example, roofers use ladders all day long. The same holds true for painters and construction workers. While using a ladder makes your job much easier, it also increases the risk of a serious…

Be On The Lookout For Negligent Security. Criminals Are Too.

Criminals are always looking for easy victims. They avoid injury, and capture, at all costs. For these reasons, a dark and unsecured property is their perfect scene. That is why property owners are obligated to properly light and secure their premises for your protection. It…

Employer Requirements For Scaffolding Safety

Approximately 65% of all construction workers do their job on scaffolding. Scaffolding is defined as any temporary elevated platform. Working on these platforms can create the potential for workers to be injured from a fall, bad planking, electrocution, a dropped object and more. To prevent…



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