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Don’t Forget To Follow These Highway Driving Safety Tips

Driving on the highway is different than driving in the city or in a rural setting. In addition to fast moving vehicles, you’re likely to contend with traffic, construction and a variety of other challenges.

While there’s no way to guarantee your safety as a driver, here are five tips to follow when you find yourself on the highway:

  • Follow the speed limit: Knowing and following the posted speed limit at all times is a must. The faster you drive, the greater chance there is of an accident.
  • Maintain a safe following distance: It’s easy to get into the habit of driving closely to the vehicle in front of yours. This is particularly true if you feel that the person is driving slower than the speed limit. Regardless of what’s happening around you, a safe following distance is critical. This gives you enough time to stop your vehicle in the event of an emergency, such as a sudden slow down.
  • Stay in the right lane: The left lane is for passing, so don’t stay here for an extended period of time. You’re much safer when you drive in the right lane the majority of the time.
  • Focus on the road: Distractions are everywhere, ranging from your children in the back seat to your cellphone in your pocket. Avoiding distractions enhances your safety.
  • Watch for reckless drivers: If you pinpoint someone driving in a reckless manner, such as speeding excessively or swerving, keep your distance. The more space you create, the less chance there is of being part of an accident.

Once you get into the habit of following these highway driving safety tips, they’ll become second nature.

If another person causes an accident, move to safety and assess what happened. This is also a good time to call 911, as you may require assistance of the police and paramedics.

After you receive treatment, obtain a copy of the police report and then contact your insurance agent to file a claim. You can also learn more about your legal rights for obtaining compensation from the negligent party.

Visit our website for more guidance pertaining to motor vehicle accidents, related injuries and how to receive compensation.

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