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Premises Liability Claims For Victims Of Crimes In New York

Inadequate safety or security measures are common issues in and outside of properties all over New York. Landlords of residential properties may not adequately consider the risks that residents face, while owners or landlords of commercial properties may not invest in security, considering it the responsibility of their tenants.

Unfortunately, lackluster or nonexistent security plays a role in countless crimes in New York every day. From muggings to sexual assaults, a lack of adequate lighting, building security and recording equipment often emboldens criminals to target specific locations. The places you visit could leave you at increased risk for victimization by criminals.

If you or a beloved member of your family fell victim to a violent criminal act on private property, you may have the right to hold the owner of the property accountable for inadequate security. Under premises liability laws, property owners or managers have a responsibility to do what they can to prevent crime and accidents.

Can you show how a lack of security contributed to the crime?

If, for example, someone stole your wallet, car keys and mobile phone in the parking lot of your apartment building, you want to show that the criminal targeted that location because of a lack of security. If there are no visible security measures nearby, but there are cameras on other buildings in the area, that could explain why the criminal targeted you at that specific location.

In fact, sometimes, when individuals confess to crimes, they may admit that a lack of security played a role in their actions. Reviewing the statements made by the criminal to law enforcement can help you build a case. However, that can also be emotionally traumatizing for the victim. That potential trauma is just one of many reasons why partnering with an attorney can help you build a premises liability case related to security.

Victims of preventable crimes have rights under New York law

When one individual makes a decision to commit a crime against the property or body of another person, the person who makes that decision bears the primary responsibility for the consequences that follow. From injuries to the financial impact of those crimes, the criminal is the most legally liable for what harm they caused other people.

Unfortunately, many times, the individuals who resort to violent crime do not have the resources to adequately compensate the victims they target. That is why bringing a lawsuit against a business or property owner may be in the best interest of a victim. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a crime on private property, talking about the situation in detail with a personal injury attorney can help you figure out what rights and options you have.

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