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Tips To Avoid A Scaffolding Accident At Work

If you work in the construction industry in New York, you may find yourself using scaffolding to complete a variety of jobs. While the use of scaffolding can improve efficiency and help you maintain a high level of safety, this isn’t always the case. There…

How To Stay Safe When Working On A Construction Site In The Rain

The spring and summer months in New York have the potential to bring quite a bit of rain to the local area. If you’re working outdoors when the rain begins to fall, such as on a construction site, it’s critical to adjust your approach to…

2 Nassau Police Officers Are Assaulted, Injured On The Job

Two Nassau police officers suffered serious injuries after they were assaulted by a suspect in Lynbrook on April 15. The Nassau officers were dispatched to the Starbucks located at 839 Sunrise Highway early in the morning that Monday. Once they arrived there, they attempted to…

Eating While Driving Almost As Deadly As Texting While Driving

Many New Yorkers have done this while driving: pulling into the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru for coffee or a bagel on the way to work. Perhaps between seeing clients around lunchtime, workers grab a to-go order from a fast-food restaurant. Sometimes, when the kids asked for…



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