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There Are Many Safety Hazards On Construction Sites

When you think about construction site deaths and catastrophic industries, what comes to mind? Most people answer falls from height, building site collapses or some kind of mechanical failures that put workers in harm’s way. But in reality, construction sites are inherently dangerous workplaces, and disasters and…

Follow This Guide To Stay Safe On New York Roads This Holiday

There’s a lot going on during the December holidays. New York can see snow and other winter hazards. Combine the seasonal bustle with the possibility of poor driving conditions, and the chance of accidents in what should be the most joyous time of the year…

2 Supervisors Indicted After Injuries To New York Workers

Two men have been indicted on criminal charges in connection with a construction accident that left two workers with life-changing injuries. The two men who were indicted were crew bosses who instructed employees to use a rented crane at a New York City job site…

Malnutrition And Dehydration Are Serious Issues In Nursing Homes

Senior citizens in nursing homes should be able to count on the staff members to help keep them safe. Many people who work in these facilities do their best to make sure the residents are taken care of and they enjoy working with them. Unfortunately,…

FDA Moves To Prohibit Lead In Hair Dyes

Dangers can lurk in many different products. This includes cosmetic products. For one, there can be the potential for such goods to contain harmful chemicals. This is one of the reasons why individuals may want to take a careful look at the ingredients list of…



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