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Follow This Guide To Stay Safe On New York Roads This Holiday

There’s a lot going on during the December holidays. New York can see snow and other winter hazards. Combine the seasonal bustle with the possibility of poor driving conditions, and the chance of accidents in what should be the most joyous time of the year is a reality.

This year, make it your pre-New Year’s resolution to avoid the following hazards:

Distracted driving

There are so many distractions with our electronic gadgets this time of year, such as checking the map for directions to a holiday party, checking mall hours or even online shopping. Just put the phone down.

Impaired driving

The libations probably will be flowing at that holiday party or that big family gathering. Make sure you have a designated driver.

Pressured driving

This isn’t a phrase we hear every day, but it’s very real. We have a lot on our minds, including the personal and financial stresses of trying to create the perfect holiday. Add to that the pressure of just more people on the road, trying to accomplish all the same things you are, and that can lead to driving too fast and other unsafe maneuvers on the road.

Tired driving

All of these demands on both our time and our mental energy leave us tired, and we get sleep less since we have to pack more in the day. A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety showed that people who slept six to seven hours each night, instead of eight hours or more, had double the chance of being involved in a crash. People who slept less than five hours each night saw the risk rise to four or five times that of people who slept a full night.

Your safety this holiday season is more important than hunting for any gift or arriving on time at any party. Take your time getting there and stay focused on the road. Hopefully, all other drivers will do the same to avoid car accidents and the potential for catastrophe.

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