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2 Supervisors Indicted After Injuries To New York Workers

Two men have been indicted on criminal charges in connection with a construction accident that left two workers with life-changing injuries.

The two men who were indicted were crew bosses who instructed employees to use a rented crane at a New York City job site without properly training them, authorities said.

The accident occurred on June 25 when a crane was lifting glass panels to be installed on a luxury residential building being built in Harlem. One of the supervisors told an untrained employee to run the crane, and that employee put too much weight on the crane, according to authorities.

The crane had a capacity of 880 pounds and had 1,500 pounds loaded onto it at the time of the incident.

That caused the crane to move forward and crash. The boom fell one floor and hit two ironworkers.

One of the workers, 39, was hurled out of his harness, and he fell three stories, hitting the ground. As a result, he was left with head trauma that has hampered his speech and mobility.

The second man, 37, was hit in the back, and that resulted in him suffering severe spinal injuries.

As a result, the two supervisors have been charged with reckless endangerment and second-degree assault charges.

It does not sound as if these men who were injured will be able to return to the types of jobs they once did to support themselves and their families. Workers who find themselves in such a situation need to have a New York attorney experienced in personal injury cases on their side.

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