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What Are Average Truck Accident Settlement Amounts?

When you've been involved in a truck accident, the physical, emotional, and financial toll can be overwhelming. Navigating the aftermath, you might wonder about the potential settlement amount you could receive for your injuries and damages. At The Law Offices of Mark E. Weinberger P.C.,…

3 Tips To Drive Safely Near Semi-Trucks

Collisions with semi-trucks often cause devastating injuries and death due to their massive size and weight. While all drivers owe a duty to each other to drive as safely as possible, there are steps all drivers should take when driving near semi-trucks to help avoid…

Semitruck Crashes Lead To Devastation; Compensation Is Possible

Being hit by a semitruck will change your current situation. When you think about the size and weight of these vehicles, you can certainly understand why many accidents involving them are very serious. For the victims of these crashes, financial challenges will likely follow. These…

Trucking Accidents Can Lead To Catastrophic Injuries

Semitruck crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries for the victims. There are many reasons for these crashes, but that might not be the top thing on your mind when you are in a wreck. Your priority is likely going to be getting the medical care…

Commercial Truck Accidents Can Be Deadly For The Other Vehicle

A New Jersey resident was recently killed when their car collided with a dump truck on I-78 in Berkeley Heights. According to ABC7, the truck lost control, broke through a barrier and hit the other vehicle when it was driving in the opposite direction. For…



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