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Incorrect Use Of A Ladder: What Not To Do

Ladder accidents often happen simply because people do not use the ladders correctly. This does not always mean the worker is entirely to blame. The instructions may have been unclear. The worker’s boss may have insisted that he or she use the ladder improperly to…

What Do Workers’ Compensation Payments Cover?

Every accident is a bit different, so the specifics can vary, but workers’ compensation may apply to a lot of related costs. One thing to note is that workers who are hurt often cannot sue for compensation if they have already decided to take workers’…

Federal Ladder Standards That Must Be Met

Ladders are one of the most common tools used on a job site, but they can also be one of the most dangerous. Every year, falls cause serious injuries and even take lives. Ladders must be used safely. That said, even workers who use ladders…

Fall Off A Ladder In NY? 2 Areas Of The Law Can Help.

Construction workers face serious dangers. One type of accident that can lead to serious injuries in this line of work involves falling off scaffolding and ladders. These tools help workers get to areas that are otherwise unreachable. These tools are a benefit to the work…

What Is Maximum Medical Improvement And Why Does It Matter?

One of the key terms in a disability case, under the updated guidelines proposal made in 2017, is “maximum medical improvement.” What does this mean and how does it impact the case? Essentially, medical professionals will be consulted early in the case to determine how…



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