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Family Of Woman Who Died In Fall Seeks Subway Elevators

In the wake of their family member’s death after tumbling down the stairs of a Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) station, one New York City family is imploring the agency to install elevators in their stations around the city.

The woman was attempting to descend a set of subway stairs at the Seventh Avenue B/D Midtown station on Jan. 28 while simultaneously carrying a young baby and a stroller. Although the city medical examiner and the New York Police Department (NYPD) have yet to release the cause of death for the 22-year-old mother of one, it’s believed that she suffered a medical emergency that caused her to fall while navigating the steps.

Elevator could have saved life

Family members concede that the young mother’s death may not have been directly attributable to her falling down the subway steps. Still, they suggest that had she suffered the same unspecified medical emergency in a subway elevator instead of on the stairs, she could still be alive today.

The deceased woman’s 27-year-old cousin insists that “[s]he might’ve been roughed up but she’d be alive.”

No answers for child

At a recent MTA monthly board meeting, the cousin told the members that the family struggles with answering the year-old child’s questions about where her mother is. Through her tears, she went on to press the board to install elevators for those “with strollers, babies, pregnant, walkers, wheelchairs, anything you can think of struggling up … these stairs. It’s not right or fair … I don’t want anyone else’s family to feel the pain my family feels.”

No apology forthcoming

The woman also wondered why the MTA didn’t extend an apology or otherwise reach out to the deceased subway rider’s survivors. It’s unknown whether the family intends to pursue legal action against the MTA and/or the city in the wake of their family member’s untimely death.

Seeking compensation possible in premises liability cases

While every case is unique, in situations where a person died or was injured due to negligence or the lack of safe premises, it may be possible to file a claim for damages and recover medical and/or funeral expenses, lost wages, and other financial costs and losses.

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