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Landlord Negligence – Long Island, NY

While it is important to immediately contact an experienced Long Island NY landlord negligence attorney once you or a loved one has been injured because of a property owner’s or landlord’s negligence, there are other things you must do to effectively respond to such injuries.

What to Do When Injured Because of Long Island NY Landlord Negligence

1. See a doctor immediately for medical treatment. Some injuries that seem minor may turn out to be worse than they look. Delayed treatment may lead to dire consequences.

2. If possible, file a complaint or incident report with the individual or group responsible for your injury: If the accident that caused the injury occurred in an apartment or office building, notify building management. When filing a NY Long Island landlord negligence claim, make sure to take note of the name, title and contact information of the person receiving it and ask for a copy of the incident report.

3. After attending to any medical needs, gather as much information as possible about the event, such as:

  • The exact address where the accident occurred
  • The name and address of the property owner

• The name and contact information of any witnesses

4. If you can take pictures of the accident site, do so. It is not really necessary to use a hi-tech camera. A camera phone will do. Also, take photos of your injuries such as cuts, bruises, scrapes, etc.

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