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The Benefit of Hiring an Experienced Construction Accident Site Attorney – New York Legal Advice

New York construction site accidents can involve more than one legally liable party so consulting with an attorney is definitely a good idea if you’ve been injured in a New York construction site accident. Some liable parties can be easily identified by anyone even without the benefit of a legal background while others may not be so obvious.

For example, there may be more than one corporation, a reclusive partner, a management company, heavy equipment owners, general contractors, and so on – each with its own insurance coverage. Some parties will have limited liability while others none at all. Big construction companies normally employ the services of the best attorneys to protect their interests.

New York Construction Site Accident Laws & Workers’ Compensation Programs

First things first, job related injury or illness is usually covered by your state’s workers’ compensation laws. These programs were designed to eliminate employee lawsuits for fault and negligence. In other words, workers’ compensation is “no fault,” which means the worker does not need to prove the employer’s “negligence.” Because of this half the employee’s battle is won without having to prove anything.

The trade-off is that workers won’t be able to sue their employers. What’s more, many workers’ compensation programs greatly limit the amount of money that can be awarded as well as the length of time they can be paid out. Your New York construction accident attorney should be able to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers regarding which parties are involved and the extent of their liability.

They can pinpoint potential defendants, uncover the legally correct names of every entity, find answers to important questions regarding insurance policies, and then apply all the above knowledge when negotiating.

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