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Construction Accident Scalding Injury And Recovery

Construction is dangerous work. There are many types of injuries that occur on construction sites, including scalding injury, which can occur from any number of things on a construction site. For example, a construction worker could receive first, second or third degree burns when hot liquid of some kind comes in contact with the skin.

Types of Scalding Injury

The range of scalding injuries can range from fairly mild to life threatening. The first degree burn is the least severe and can be treated with over the counter products along with cooling the burned area. These types of burns rarely cause any loss of work or long term injury.

Second degree burns will blister and can be deep. The burns are often very painful and can be disfiguring. Scarring often occurs and skin grafting may be required. This is a very painful and difficult procedure that involves considerable physical therapy. Recovery can take from three weeks to an unknown amount of time depending on where on the body the burn is and how much of the body it covers.

Third degree burns affect and damage the nerves, tendons, bone and underlying tissue. These burns are not normally painful because the nerves have been so badly damaged. However, the surrounding tissue with second degree burns will be extremely painful. These burns will require surgery and often cause disability and disfigurement. There are a number of third degree burns that will require lifelong treatments and pain maintenance.

Recovering from Scalding Injury

After the scalding injury occurs, the construction worker needs to understand the extent and severity of the injury. It can be difficult to tell how much the injury will affect the workers ability to work until the healing process has begun. With first degree burns the worker may not be off work for much time if at all.

With a second degree burn, the time can be from weeks to months depending on how large of an area was burned and if the joints were involved. when a burn occurs on a joint the recovery process can take a very long time.

Third degree are long term recovery burns with the possibility of permanent disability. These are very serious injuries and need to be addressed as such. It is not just the injury but the ongoing pain and suffering that the scalding injury will cause.

Contact Construction Accident Lawyers in New York

Workers compensation insurance companies do not always handle cases quickly and efficiently. The company pays for workers compensation insurance, which means the insurance company’s client is the construction company who employed the scaled worker. Insurance companies will only pay what they absolutely must and will work to minimize their payout.

A construction worker who has received scalding injuries needs to consult a construction accidents lawyer with experience in construction accident cases. Construction accidents lawyers understand how the worker’s compensation laws apply to the construction industry as well the responsibilities of the insurance company. Personal injury lawyers with this kind of experience know how to get the best possible settlement and compensation for a scalding injury victim.

If you or your loved one is the victim of a construction accident and suffered scalding injury or other types of injuries, contact the experienced Long Island construction accidents lawyers at The Law Offices of Mark Weinberger today. Don’t delay in getting the compensation you or your loved one deserves.

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