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You May Not Always Feel Dangerous Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are very disorienting experiences, and it often takes some time before our minds can make sense of what just happened. A victim’s initial stage of shock can last much longer than they realize, and their body does not always register injuries with a pain response.

Many injuries that may occur in car accidents do not cause pain for hours or even days. In some cases, these injuries are painful, but not permanently harmful. In other cases, they may be deadly. If you recently experienced a car accident, you should get a full medical examination from your doctor. You may have serious injuries that you don’t even feel.

Internal injuries are often deadly

If you suffer internal injuries in an accident, they may not immediately hurt. Unfortunately, without pain to indicate that you have an injury, you may not realize there’s an issue until the injury grows worse. Internal bleeding may not hurt at the site of the injury if it is not very large, but it may grow infected and then cause pain. If the infection takes hold, it can spread throughout the body through the blood stream.

Likewise, internal organ damage is not painful at first. In some cases, the body simply heals the damage and the organ continues functioning normally. However, if the body cannot heal the organ, then it will eventually shut down, which is both deadly and incredibly painful. Make sure that you seek out proper medical care before you risk missing these injuries and losing your life.

Head and neck injuries

Car accidents also commonly cause head trauma, spinal cord injuries and muscular damage that is not painful for hours or days. For instance, muscles in the neck and back may suffer severe strain without causing pain until the victim goes to sleep, only for them to wake up unable to move.

Likewise, some damage to the spinal cord is not painful at first, but only later pinches nerves, causing pain or numbness and tingling, often in the victim’s extremities.

Mild brain injuries are some of the most difficult to identify, and may not cause complications for days, or even more than a week. However, mild brain injuries can seriously impact the behavior of the victim and may cause ongoing headaches and nausea. Without direct treatment, these symptoms are destructive and painful, and you won’t know until it’s too late.

Make sure to use all the tools you have available to keep yourself safe and ensure that your legal rights are protected along with your personal health. With a strong legal strategy, you can seek fair compensation from some other party responsible for your injuries, allowing you to focus on recovery.

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