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4 Common Types Of Premises Liability Accidents

Premises liability law covers a wide array of injuries. These include slip-and-fall accidents, physical attacks on another party’s property, dog bites, swimming pool accidents and more. In order to give you a better sense of this legal topic, here are two examples of premises liability accidents that New York personal injury lawyers commonly encounter:

Elevator and escalator accidents

In New York City most of us use escalators and elevators so frequently that we never stop to consider just how extraordinarily dangerous these contraptions actually are. Malfunctioning elevators have severed people’s limbs and body parts, crushed their victims, dropped floors and caused many other types of catastrophic injuries and deaths. Escalators also have the potential to cause injury and death when they aren’t appropriately maintained.

Slip-and-fall events

When a property owner or manager fails to keep his or her property reasonably safe for visitors, a slip-and-fall incident can cause permanent injuries in a heartbeat. Whether it’s a loose piece of carpet, a wet spot after a spill, an icy patch on the sidewalk, a loose cord, poor lighting on a stairwell or a hallway crowded with trash and boxes, these potential dangers must be tended to and resolved quickly by the property owner to ensure the safety of guests and visitors.

These are just two types of slip-and-fall events. Ultimately, there are an unlimited number of reasons why a property owner — or rather, the property owner’s insurance provider — could be liable to pay financial damages if you get hurt on his or her property due to no fault of your own. If you were hurt in a premises liability incident, learn more about your legal rights and options now.

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