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Watch For Signs Of Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes should be a place of rest for everyone who lives there. Sadly, not all employees in these facilities do what is best for the residents. Negligence is a big problem in some, and putting an end to it is a priority.

You can watch for signs that something is amiss when you go to visit your loved one. These clues are sometimes subtle, but they may also be blatant. If you notice even one of these signs, swift action is appropriate.

Lack of proper attire

Some elderly individuals need help with getting dressed. They might not know what the weather is like outside of the building. Staff members may not be willing to help them, which could mean that they are wearing something completely inappropriate for the weather. While a single occurrence may not signal an issue, multiple instances could mean that employees aren’t taking proper care of them.

Being unkempt or unclean

Bathing, brushing their teeth, caring for their hair and similar self-care tasks are hard for some residents. They might even need help making it to use the restroom. Employees who have direct contact with residents should assist with these tasks. If you notice body odor or similar signs of improper hygiene, there might be a negligence issue going on at the nursing home.

Improper maintenance in the facility

Negligence doesn’t have to do only with failing to care for the residents. The facility should be kept up so that residents aren’t placed in hazardous conditions. Floors should be in good repair and handrails must be present throughout the building. Some residents may need lifted toilets or other assistive devices. These must all be appropriately maintained.

Malnourishment or dehydration

Elderly individuals might have difficulty with eating and drinking. Medications can change their appetite, and the act of feeding themselves may be too difficult. Staff members should monitor what the residents eat and drink. They might not have detailed records, but someone should notice if one of them hasn’t eaten or been drinking.

Seeming withdrawn or isolated

Many senior citizens don’t want to cause trouble, so they won’t speak up about negligence. They might remain silent if they are threatened. Watch for hovering employees when you visit. Another sign is that your loved one isn’t participating in activities they previously enjoyed.

Nursing home negligence can lead to physical impacts on the victim. They might incur costs for medical care and other assistance. Seeking compensation is one legal option for trying to recover the financial losses that come in this atrocious situation.

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