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Kensington Home Explodes, At Least 3 People Injured

When you go to work, you know to expect some risks. You can take steps to minimize the chance of accidents happening. Workers who go into people’s homes might face additional risks that they can’t control. A recent story out of Kensington emphasizes how important safety for these workers is.

Three people suffered injuries when a home they were in exploded. One of those individuals was a painter working in the house. From the sound of the news reports, they were lucky to get out alive. The painter was in the basement at the time of the explosion. That’s also where officials note the explosion was.

The building that exploded was a two-story home that was under construction. One theory is that someone was working with gasoline. The structural damage of the structure was so great that the Department of Buildings was issuing an immediate demolition, which is expected to be completed within 72 hours of the incident. One side of the building was gone due to the explosion.

Situations like this drive home the importance of having workers’ compensation. While the injuries these individuals suffered weren’t considered catastrophic, they did need medical care. For individuals who work for companies that have the proper workers’ compensation coverage, paying for that care and even receiving compensation for missed work shouldn’t be any issue.

All injured workers need to ensure that they fully understand their right to workers’ compensation benefits. If they don’t receive what they are entitled to, they have the option of appealing the decision and fighting for the benefits they are due.

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