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Your Contract With Your Long Island Premises Liability Attorney

If you are suffering from an injury that resulted from a property owner’s (or manager’s) negligence, you may want the services of a Long Island premises liability attorney. Inadequate maintenance of buildings often leads to dangerous conditions that cause accidents.

Those injured by such accidents can recoup their losses if it can be proven that those responsible for maintenance did not exercise reasonable care.

A qualified Long Island premises liability attorney understands the exact state and federal laws that apply to your claim. They can investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident, identify all liable parties, and then file a case on your behalf. They can also help establish the amount you ought to receive as compensation. In complex cases, your attorney will research relevant arguments and may even hire expert witnesses to substantiate your claim.

You know you have a good Long Island premises liability attorney if he or she is willing and able to communicate openly with you every aspect of your case. Make sure that the attorney you contract has experience with cases that are nearly identical to yours. Such distinctions should be made because different accidents are governed by accordingly different laws. For example, a slip and fall injury is not prosecuted in the same manner as a lead poisoning injury.

Before Signing Any Contract

Once you are sure you have a legitimate claim and have found a Long Island premises liability attorney you want to work with, you will sign a contract with that attorney for representation.

It is usual for personal injury lawyers to charge expenses plus a percentage of any compensation received. Most contracts are written such that you will not be charged any attorney fees if you do not receive any compensation. Nevertheless you will still need to go over this contract and your specific agreement very carefully. Some things to look for when reviewing a contract:

  • Make sure the lawyer you’re talking with isn’t going to charge you for “expenses”.
  • Make sure that copy costs, experts, postage, and other miscellaneous expenses are taken out BEFORE the attorney’s fees are calculated, so the lawyer is motivated to keep expenses low.
  • Make sure that the attorney will not farm out your case to other attorneys or firms.
  • Be sure you and your lawyer are on the same page about whether to go to trial or accept a settlement.
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