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When Can I Receive Lost Wages Benefits?

Injured New York workers who suffered their injuries while carrying out their job duties may be able to receive lost wages benefits through the state workers’ compensation program if their injuries prevent them from going to work. Lost wages will not compensate you for your full amount of income; however, they are also exempt from federal income tax. As such, you may end up receiving an amount of lost wages benefits that comes close to the amount you were earning.

Here are the three circumstances when you can qualify to receive lost wages benefits:

  • You can’t work for more than seven days: Imagine you fell off a ladder and broke your leg. Due to the severity of your injuries, you’ve already been home and unable to work for two weeks, and the doctor expects you will have to wait another two months before you can work again. In this case, you can receive wage replacement benefits.
  • You’ve suffered a permanent disability: A permanent disability following a workplace accident or illness could leave you permanently unable to perform your job duties. Lost wages benefits could help you make financial ends meet.
  • You’ve accepted a lower paying job because of injuries: You can still work and receive wage replacement benefits if your job-related injury caused you not be able to earn the same amount of money anymore.

Workers’ compensation wage replacement benefits have served as a financial lifeline for many New York workers whose lives were disrupted as a result of a serious workplace accident and injuries. If you feel that you could qualify for lost wages benefits do not pass up this important aid.

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