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What To Do If You Are Injured In An Accident With A Trucker

If you are in a motor vehicle wreck with a tractor-trailer, chances are you or someone else affected sustained injuries. In fact, according to statistics, 74% of fatal vehicle accidents involve a large truck.

You may not know who is responsible for crashes involving truckers, so here is some information on relevant New York law.

What should you do if hurt in an accident involving a commercial vehicle?

New York law requires drivers to report accidents involving injury or property damage exceeding $1,000. Chances are that in wrecks with a commercial truck some bodily injury or vehicle impairment occurred. Therefore, the wise move is to phone the police immediately and allow the responding officers to write a report and investigate the cause.

Drivers should also inform their car insurance company of the incident while letting them ascertain details of fault from the police report. Telling either insurer you believe you caused the crash could hurt your ability to recover damages, so try not to elaborate in your conversations with them.

Who is responsible for injuries caused by a truck driver?

The company that employs the trucker, or their insurance company, is often responsible for serious injuries caused by their driver’s negligence. If reckless driving by a truck driver caused you or a family member grave injury, consider contacting an experienced personal injury attorney to pursue adequate compensation.

Driving is a profound responsibility. Failing to do so safely can cause significant damages to people and property. Remember to command your vehicle in accordance with traffic laws. If you cannot avoid an accident, report it immediately to law enforcement.

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