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What Premises Liability Attorneys Do

When you have an accident that results in injury and it occurs on someone else’s property, you may have a personal injury case and might need to contact premises liability attorneys.

The injury must:

  • Occur on someone else’s property, either residential or commercial
  • Occur as a result of a property condition (snow and ice, slippery floors, elevator malfunction) that the property owner is aware of and should have fixed OR should have known about and taken reasonable care to fix or maintain

• Have occurred because of conditions you could not have known about or avoided

For example, if you have slipped and fallen on someone’s property because of ice or snow and walking conditions were dangerous because the property owner did not take reasonable care to make sure they were safe, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit based upon premises liability. If the floor was wet and there was no sign warning you of that condition so that you could avoid it, you may also be eligible.

How do premises liability attorneys help you?

Premises liability attorneys help you protect your rights as an individual. If you’ve suffered an injury because of a property owner’s negligence, you can sue the responsible parties for pain and suffering, to cover medical costs, and for punitive damages. The reasoning behind the law is that whenever you’re on someone’s property, that individual or entity has a responsibility to make sure that you stay safe.

Premises liability attorneys help you prove your personal injury case

Premises liability injuries are notoriously difficult to prove and the guilty party’s insurance company’s desire is to try to blame you for the accident and to absolve their client. That’s because they have a vested interest in showcasing you as the guilty party, the one responsible for your injury, so that the guilty party’s negligence is NOT proven.

Fortunately, you’ve got allies on your side. Premises liability attorneys gather the evidence necessary to prove that your rights were violated and that the other party was indeed negligent. Your attorney’s job is to fight the offending party’s insurance company for you so that you don’t have to, and to see to it that you get the maximum award or settlement possible.

Helping premises liability attorneys prove your case

You have some obligations to fulfill as well. You must:

  • Seek medical attention for your injuries immediately

Seek medical attention for your injuries right away. Immediate treatment can make your injuries less severe and can relieve your pain and suffering.
Medical personnel should document your injuries and their severity. Treatment notes and medical records will also provide evidence of your injury, which will help prove your case.

  • Document the owner’s negligence on site yourself if possible

If you’re physically able, talk to witnesses and get their names and contact information. Take pictures of the environment and any clear indications of what caused your accident. If the accident occurred on a commercial property, ask the property manager to make out an accident report. Your attorney will need as much evidence as possible to prove your case, and you can help document the incident when witnesses’ observations (and your own memory) are clear.
• Contact a premises liability attorney as soon as possible

Once your condition is stable, you can contact premises liability attorneys. He or she will discuss your case with you, talk to medical personnel, and gather evidence to support your case. He or she will represent you fully throughout the process, filing necessary documents and negotiating with insurance companies so that you don’t have to. All of this ensures that you’ll have the best chance possible of receiving the compensation you deserve.

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