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SUV Drives Through A Laundromat In Reverse

A white Ford Escape in New York started backing up in the parking lot outside of a laundromat. Rather than stopping in those parking spaces in front of the building, though, it slammed right through the glass window and plowed on inside.

Six people were injured in the event. Police said that a number of them were pinned by the SUV. Three of the injuries are considered to be minor, but emergency crews rushed the other three people to hospitals with serious issues.

One woman who was hit was pregnant. A witness said her injuries were bad enough that she lost feeling in her legs.

Two other people were in the building at the time and were not hurt.

Criminal charges are not pending at this time. Police who have been investigating do not think that there was any intent, but that the driver just accidentally ran into the building.

That driver had been in a grocery store called Top Tomato, which is near the laundry. He is 74 years old. He was backing up after returning to his car when he accidentally sped up, causing the accident.

News reports indicate that some witnesses did talk to the driver to find out what had happened. The man said he meant to hit the brakes and stop, but he hit the gas instead.

Even when a crash is merely an accident, caused by an honest mistake, it’s still important for those who are hurt to know what legal rights they may have to compensation. Serious injuries can lead to significant financial hurdles.

Source: NBC New York, “Reversing SUV Launches Into NYC Laundromat, Injuring 6,” Ken Buffa, Sep. 03, 2017

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