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Should You Sign Blanket Medical Authorizations After An Accident?

Car accident injuries are common in New York and across the country. In fact, every year, about 4.4 million Americans require emergency medical care for the injuries they suffer in motor vehicle accidents. Fortunately, if you have sustained a crash-related injury, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

The days and weeks after a car accident can be a blur. During this time of confusion and pain, an insurer may ask you to sign a blanket medical authorization. Put simply, it may not be in your interests to do so.

You surrender your medical privacy rights

The doctor-patient relationship is one of the more important ones in modern society. To ensure you receive prompt diagnosis and adequate treatment, you should be free to discuss sensitive issues with your physician. If you sign a blanket medical authorization, though, an insurer may find out about every medical appointment you have ever had.

You risk a low-ball settlement offer

After reviewing your medical records, even the ones that are seemingly irrelevant to the car accident, an insurer may give you a low-ball settlement offer. That is, if an adjuster finds a preexisting condition or prior injury, someone from the insurance company may offer you substantially less than your claim is worth.

You shrink your options

To recover from your accident-related injuries, you may need specialist care, surgical procedures, medications, therapy or rehabilitation. These services, of course, can be almost unbelievably expensive. If an insurer uses your blanket medical authorization against you, you may have fewer options for receiving the care you deserve.

Whether signing a blanket medical authorization is in your best interests likely depends on many factors. Still, after understanding the potentially harsh consequences of executing one, you can explore all available strategies for pursuing financial compensation for the accident.

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