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Protect Your Family From Lead Poisoning In Nassau County

At least 4 million homes with children in the United States have high levels of lead in the environment. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention report that as many as half a million children between the ages of 1 and 5 have levels of lead in their blood above what is considered safe. The last week in October has been declared Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The purpose of setting aside time, according to the EPA, is to help make families more aware of these hazards that sit silently in the home or even child care facilities.

Dangers of Lead in Homes

Lead may be present in places without your knowledge, ultimately because you cannot see, taste or even smell lead. What’s worse, lead does not break down naturally so it can remain for years until it is removed. In the past, lead was used in several everyday products such as paint, gasoline and even water pipes; since the discovery of its dangers, its use has been phased out almost entirely.

The effects of lead poisoning in a child can not only be severe, but can be long-term in nature. Some effects include stunted growth, learning disabilities, hearing impairment and possible brain damage. Pregnant women are urged to avoid exposure to lead because it can pass through the body into the unborn child. If caught early enough, however, the effects of lead poisoning may be limited by medical treatment or even reducing the exposure.

If you or someone you know believes his or her child has been affected by lead poisoning, contact a seasoned Long Island lead poisoning lawyer to learn about your rights under the law.

Lead Regulations in New York

The EPA has taken action to prevent lead poisoning. Specifically, pursuant to the Renovation, Repair & Painting Rule (RRP), individuals and companies conducting renovation, repair and painting projects that distribute lead-based paint in certain locations occupied by children (i.e. homes, child care facilities, schools as well as others built before 1978) must be certified. Additionally, a booklet discussing the dangers of lead poisoning must be provided prior to beginning the work and lead safe practices must be used. Notably, the RRP does not apply to individuals doing work in their own home although the EPA recommends the use of these practices regardless.

The law requires that sellers of properties built pre-1978 must disclose known information on lead-based paint and its hazards prior to the sale. In fact, the buy-sell agreement itself must include a disclosure form about this very issue. Buyers, in turn, have 10 days to check the property for such hazards.

Contact a Lead Poisoning Attorney in Long Island

Your children are precious and the most treasured aspect of life. If you or someone you know believes his or her child or children are a victim of lead poisoning, contact a skilled and aggressive lead poisoning attorney in Long Island. Our Lead Poisoning attorneys serve all of Nassau County and Suffolk County. Our skilled legal professionals at the law offices of Mark E. Weinberger P.C. have years of experience representing victims and bringing landlords as well as any other negligent parties to justice.

Servicing Long Island and the greater New York City areas, our attorneys are ready to fight on your behalf. Call516-441-0282 today to schedule your initial case evaluation.

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