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NYC Burn Injury Attorney – How To Calculate Damages

While general damages – also referred to as noneconomic damages – are an essential component of any personal injury claim, their importance is more pronounced in burn injury claims. Basically, any burn injury will result in scarring and other types of disfigurement that are permanent in nature.

Plaintiffs have a legal right to compensation for disfigurement via general damage claims. Moreover, burn victims usually sustain extremely excruciating injuries which require treatment that is just as painful. Burn injuries frequently give cause for some of the biggest general damage claims as the result of the pain and suffering borne by a victim, as well as the permanent scarring evident.

Special Damage Claims Unique to Burn Injuries

Aside from special damages – also known as economic damages – common to all personal injury cases, there are certain special damage claims unique to burn injury victims. Most burn injury victims need long-term and consecutive medical treatments to recover. Consequently, the compensation required in a damage request should account for previous, current, and future expenses incurred as the result of an injury.

Adding Them Up in a Recovery Demand

Basically, the worth of any given burn injury damage claim is composed of the value of the special damages evident and the value of income lost due to the burn injury. Added to this sum is the amount demanded for pain and suffering, which will be determined by the specific circumstances of the case. Ultimately, these three amounts – special damages, lost income, and general damages – become the basis of a burn injury damage claim.

Getting Help from a NYC Burn Injury Attorney

Fundamentally, any successful legal action taken to obtain compensation for burn injuries will require the expertise of a NYC burn injury attorney. While a victim may have adequate legal grounds to recover damages, he or she will have difficulty doing so without the help of a NYC burn injury attorney.

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