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New York Law Describes Scaffolding Structure To Keep Workers Safe

Building and remodeling projects go on nonstop in New York and as a veteran construction worker, you have undoubtedly seen your share.

Section 240 of New York Labor Law sets out the guidelines for safe scaffolding, which is intended to keep workers from experiencing serious falls on the job.

About the law

The focus of Section 240 of the New York Labor Law speaks to the safety of construction workers who spend much of their day at heights more than 20 feet above the ground. The responsibility for keeping such laborers safe falls to contractors and property owners, not to the workers themselves.

Scaffolding description

Except for scaffolding located inside of a building, this type of platform must meet specific requirements according to the law. For example, it must have a safety rail that is at least 34 inches in height and bolted or otherwise secured to the framework. The rail must extend over the entire length and ends of the scaffold with only the openings needed for the delivery of construction materials. It must be capable of bearing four times the maximum weight needed and also fasten to the building in such a way as to prevent swaying.

Results of a fall

Remember that according to the New York scaffolding law, the responsible party for any injury you sustain as the result of a fall from faulty equipment may either be the contractor you work for or the property owner. Consequently, you have a right to expect compensation to cover your current and future medical bills and more.

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