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MTA Bus Crashes Into Building Causing 6 Injuries

At approximately 10:15 a.m. on a recent Friday morning, an MTA bus crashed into a building in Brooklyn. The incident happened at Ralph Avenue and St. Mark’s Avenue and resulted in six injuries.

Bus B45 was traveling through Brooklyn without any customers inside when the driver lost control of the bus while attempting to make a right turn. Police say that the driver was trying to navigate around some ongoing construction in the area when he lost control and drove the bus directly into a building.

According to a witness, the driver struck a mailbox, a fire hydrant and then took a sharp turn that caused the bus to strike a truck and smash into the building. Another witness said that the bus driver attempted to take evasive action to avoid striking people who were standing in the bus’s path.

The bus driver suffered a traumatic injury that required him to be taken to Kings County Hospital for treatment. Five other people who were either in the building or on the road suffered injuries in the accident. However, their injuries were minor and they received treatment at the accident scene without requiring further attention.

Investigators are currently trying to determine what happened that caused the crash, and Department of Buildings investigators are testing the integrity of the building to ensure it’s still safe for the occupants who live inside it. Although engineers have already deemed the building to be structurally sound, vacate orders have been issued for those living in the two residences closest to where the bus struck.

The injured bus driver, in this case, will likely qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits to help pay for medical care associated with his on-the-job injuries. However, depending on the facts surrounding his job-related injuries, he may also be able to pursue a third-party claim against any negligent parties that may have been at fault and liable for this bus crash.

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