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Lung Illnesses From Vaping Can Be Fatal

Vaping has long been touted as being safer than smoking cigarettes; however, an outbreak of lung illnesses linked to vaping shows that this might not be the case. These illnesses have occurred all over the country, and it is now thought that the culprit of these is a vitamin E derived oil in some marijuana products made for vaping. The troubling thing about this is that the contaminant was found in different brands of this type of product.

Officials were quick to note that there isn’t definitive evidence that this chemical is the sole reason for the sometimes fatal lung illnesses. Experts note that even though vitamin E acetate is safe for use on the skin and as an oral supplement, the molecular structure may have a damaging effect on the lungs when it is inhaled.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also tested nicotine products that were used by some of the patients who fell ill. These didn’t have anything unusual in them. Still, the dangers of vaping have come to the center of the media attention. It brings up the question of safety for all of these products.

It hasn’t been too long since stories about vaping devices exploding and harming users were making the news. With this latest development, people who use vapes would be wise to question their safety. There is also the question of who is liable for all the expenses that are coming up because of these lung illnesses.

Some consumers who have been hospitalized or incurred medical bills due to a vaping-related lung illness might choose to pursue a legal claim. This could help you to recover the money you are out of because of the medical issues.

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