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Is Your Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer A Liability?

Just because your Long Island personal injury lawyer knows more about legal matters than you do, it doesn’t mean you will not be able to see if he or she is harming your case. If you have experienced any of things listed below, you may have to discharge your attorney and get a new one.

Your Phone Calls Are Not Being Returned

Something bad is afoot if your lawyer constantly fails to return your calls. Hire someone else who has the time and ability to treat you with professionalism and courtesy.

Your Case Is Taking Too Long

Although a lot of New York lawsuits tend to take forever, a few years back the New York Court of Appeals put the Standards and Goals for lawsuits into place. This means that once a lawsuit is filed in court, it is on a very strict timetable.

No Experts Have Been Designated for Your Case

Almost all personal injury cases require a medical expert while some even need a liability or biomechanical expert. Medical experts substantiate your injuries and a liability expert shows how the defendant was responsible for the accident. If you do not have experts to corroborate your claim, it is in danger of being dismissed. Ask your attorney if he or she has already found experts for your case. If you do not get a straight answer, it may be best to get new legal representation.

You Have No Idea Who Is Working on Your Case

While a law firm can have numerous lawyers, paralegals and other support staff, your case should be assigned to just one person. That one person should definitely be a lawyer and should know your case inside and out. While you may be asked to speak with other people on the firm, that one lawyer should be the only person who will take full responsibility for your case.

Your Lawyer Practices Personal Injury But Is More Focused on Other Practice Areas

If your lawyer is a real estate lawyer who also happens to be a personal injury attorney on occasion, he or she may not be the best lawyer for you. Personal injury law changes quite often and a lawyer who isn’t focused on being updated may damage your case.

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