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How To Live Through A Potentially Fatal Rollover Vehicle Accident

A rollover vehicle accident usually happens in an instant. When the rollover begins to occur, the drivers and passengers in the vehicle don’t have a lot of time to react. However, there may be a few things you can do to survive such an incident.

There are five vital tips to learn that could help you live through a rollover crash.

1.) Keep calm: Your ability to stay calm in this terrifying type of auto collision could be your only chance of surviving. When people panic, they make poor decisions, and although it could be hard for you to keep your wits about you, do your best to stay as cool, calm and collected as possible.

2.) Brace for the impact: Most drivers instinctively grab the steering wheel as soon as they notice that their vehicle is beginning to flip. However, the steering wheel is a poor choice of brace points, since the force of the collision will drive through the wheels into the steering wheel. What’s better is to brace yourself in place with your legs, pushing forward against the floor of the car ahead of you. Then cross your arms over your chest. Hopefully, you were responsible enough to put your seatbelt on before the crash. Keep your eye on the roof, and if it looks like it will be crushed, fold yourself away from the roof so that it doesn’t strike your head.

3.) Exit the vehicle safely: Hopefully, you are unscathed enough, and there’s a way that you can safely climb out of the vehicle. Before you get out of the car, however, turn the keys off and remove them from the ignition to prevent the possibility of sparks and flames. Get out of the car as quickly as possible if you see flames or smell leaking gasoline. Also, watch out for broken glass to avoid serious cuts.

4.) Call 911: Call 911 so that you and anyone else hurt in the collision get the medical care required.

Rollover crashes are very dangerous and frequently deadly. If you escape this kind of accident with your life, you may want to consider yourself lucky. You may also want to look into the possibility of pursuing a personal injury claim related to the damages and injuries you suffered as a result of the crash.

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