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Firefighters Rescue Pizza After Serious Car Accident

Engine 642 firefighters from the Henrietta Fire District responded to an injurious two-vehicle crash on a recent Saturday afternoon. When the firefighters arrived, they discovered that one of the injured drivers was a pizza delivery man, and had a hot, undelivered pie in the vehicle.

Fortunately, the pizza was completely intact and uninjured, so as soon as the firefighters finished caring for their patient and loaded him into an ambulance, they swiftly moved into action to save the abandoned pizza. The firemen did not need to use their jaws of life to rescue the pizza. Rather, they goodheartedly delivered it to its rightful owner, a man who was waiting around the corner for it to be delivered.

According to the fire district’s Facebook page, “The crew decided to finish the delivery so the pizza wouldn’t go to waste.” While delivering the pizza, the firefighters thanked the man who ordered it, saying that ordering out was safer than the risk of burning something at the house. No doubt the pizza customer was appreciative that he still received his lunch in spite of the injurious crash. Area residents responded to the Facebook post with cheers of thanks and congratulation.

Pizza saving antics aside, the circumstances surrounding an injurious car accident are vital to consider following any kind of serious auto collision. It’s important to investigate how the incident occurred, who was involved, who was injured and whether any laws were broken. If it’s revealed that an injured party was hurt because of the negligence, unlawful or reckless actions of another driver, the injured party may be on the right side of the law.

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