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Drivers Not Charged In Auto Accident That Killed Infant

An MLive news report states that two drivers who were involved in a auto accident that resulted in the death of a 4-year-old girl and a 10-month-old girl who were not properly restrained in the vehicle will not face charges, according to authorities. Late afternoon in mid-September of this year a Toyota driven by 22-year-old Tanjela Williams supposedly stopped in the passing lane. The reason – she was removing a bucket that was stuck underneath her vehicle. But before Williams could get out of her vehicle a Chevy Camaro rammed into the back of the car. Williams’ car had a total of four passengers: aside from one other adult, the car carried three boys ages 5, 6 and 10-months and a 4-year-old girl. The youngest children died from their injuries, as did the 16-year-old driver of the Camaro, Alayna Rishaug. Williams remains hospitalized in long-term care.

Moving Violations of Both Drivers

Accident reconstruction revealed, according to the report, that the driver of the Camaro was traveling 81 miles per hour (mph) in a 70 mph zone and pressed on the brakes right before the auto accident – causing the cars to collide at 69 mph. Had the car been going slower, however, the difference in the damage would be expected to be minimal because the Toyota was at a complete stop. Williams also violated the law when she stopped in a passing lane instead of pulling off to the side of the road. Beyond this, investigations revealed that the children were not properly restrained in compliance with child restraint laws. Indeed, fault could be contributed to both sides. Nevertheless, law enforcement found the tragedy of the multiple deaths and the remaining injuries outweighed the need to charge Williams with a traffic offense.

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