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Contracting Companies Have Not Yet Started To Use Safety Tech

The dangers of being a construction worker are infinite, but every year new safety technologies are emerging to help contractors keep their employees safe at job sites. Some contractors have even started to use drones to improve worker safety. However, most of the latest safety tech like drones have yet to be adopted by construction firms.

According to the Center for Construction Research and Training and Dodge Data & Analytics, only 62 percent of contractors have begun to adopt the latest in safety technology at their construction sites. According to the research of these two organizations, 21 percent of contractors use drones, and large companies are the most likely to use drones to take footage of possible safety issues on a large-scale construction project. Smart helmets and other wearable devices and badges are being used by 13 percent of contractors. And laser scanners are being used by 14 percent of contractors.

However, smartphone technology and tablet technology is being more widely implemented. Construction site owners are also beginning to use cameras to survey site conditions and improve overall job site safety. Document sharing and other project management apps have also been implemented by numerous construction firms.

Construction contractors might want to investigate the benefits of using various new safety technologies to reduce the chances that their employees will suffer on-the-job accidents. Ultimately, the prevention of accidents and injuries will help keep employees on the job and productive. As for injured New York employees, who get hurt while performing their job duties, these individuals can usually file a workers’ compensation claim to get money to pay for job-related medical costs.

Source: Business Insurance, “Study finds 62% of contractors don’t use safety technology,” Gloria Gonzalez, Dec. 13, 2017

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