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Consulting with Your Long Island Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident and are considering getting the legal services of a Long Island car accident attorney, be sure to ask the following questions during the initial consultation.

  • Is this consultation free?
  • Which of my rights need to be protected?
  • Who will pay my medical, physical therapy, and drug bills; transportation expenses; temporary or permanent household help; lost income; property damage; and pain and suffering?
  • What do I have to do to protect my rights? What forms and papers do I need to obtain? How do I get these forms? Will you accomplish all the forms for me? If required, will you assist me with my medical claim? If needed, will you help me with my property damage claim?
  • What claim letters need to be sent; how many insurance companies must be informed? Will you do this for me?
  • If I have questions, will I be able to speak with you directly or do I have to speak to a paralegal? Can I speak with you occasionally to find out the status of my case?
  • How long have you and your firm been practicing?

More Questions To Ask a Potential Car Accident Attorney

  • Do you practice primarily in the field of personal injury and accidents?
  • Do you have professional liability insurance?
  • When will I be charged and how much? (Personal injury lawyers usually charge a contingency fee that is charged at the end of the case only if you are successful.)
  • Will I be asked to pay a legal fee if you do not recover money for me?
  • Am I accountable for case expenses if you do not recover money for me?
  • What are my alternatives to resolve my claim? Have you ever utilized mediation and arbitration?
  • Have you or your law firm done any trials?
  • Is my spouse entitled to any of the settlement or money awarded? What happens if I get divorced?
  • My child is injured. Which parent will bring the claim? What happens to the settlement money?

Hiring a Specific Long Island Car Accident Attorney

Choosing a Long Island car accident attorney is a tough decision. Even though lawyers who represent people injured in accidents usually charge a contingency fee, you could still lose a lot if you make a bad choice.

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