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Common Misunderstandings About Construction Site Accidents

One desire of every construction site manager is a reduction of injuries. Misunderstandings about why they occur hinder us from pursuing this commendable goal.

Thousands of construction site accidents happen every year. Clearing up certain misconceptions is bound to lower this figure.

Misunderstandings about construction site accidents

Many feel that adhering to the standards set by OSHA is enough. In reality, this government organization only assures that sites follow the bare minimum. Implementing stricter policies is always a possibility.

Accidents are not inevitable. Some feel there will always be a few injuries, regardless of precautions. This self-defeating mentality stops workers from being proactive in accident prevention.

Safety is not the responsibility of the construction site manager alone. It is also incumbent on workers themselves to enforce the rules. They must feel comfortable reporting infractions and pointing out areas that need improvement. Retribution for bringing attention to a safety issue is never acceptable.

Training should continue throughout every project. Safety instruction is not only for when workers get hired. Weekly meetings to review recommended protocols can make a huge difference.

Handling construction site accidents

Before anything else, treat the injured employee. Do not hesitate to request an ambulance, even if the victim has no visible damage. Note details about the mishap, as this information will be valuable if a lawsuit is imminent. Likewise, preserve evidence by taking pictures and saving tools that might be contributors.

Construction site safety is imperative, and reducing injuries requires cooperation from everyone. Adjust your tactics and then act fast when a catastrophe happens.

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