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Common Autumn Slip-And-Fall Hazards

As the heat of summer fades, you get to enjoy the cool autumn air and beautiful foliage found in New York State. That cooler weather also comes with new risks for a potential slip-and-fall accident.

According to the National Safety Council, 42,114 people died due to injuries from a fall in 2020. Although you have no control over all your circumstances, you can look for signs that may indicate trouble.

1. Slippery conditions

Both indoors and outdoors, autumn means slippery surfaces. After a good rain, your risk of dealing with wet floors and slick conditions increases. If the temperatures drop, you also face unexpected ice or snow.

2. Hidden hazards

While the falling leaves offer a beautiful sight, you also have to consider what those leaves cover up. With the holidays approaching, many homeowners and businesses set up light displays. The associated cords easily become hidden under leaves. As you take a walk, those leave may keep you from seeing holes, loose pavement, uneven ground or other obstacles that may cause an accident.

3. Poor lighting

The dawn of autumn means shorter days and less daylight. Acclimating to that takes time and requires vigilance when walking. A poorly lit parking lot or dark walkway hides potential culprits for a fall. Some business owners or homeowners may not have accounted for that lighting change, leaving you to deal with unwanted potential problems.

No matter the season, seek medical attention if you slip and fall. When the fall happens due to negligence by the property owner, you may have the right to file a claim.

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