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Lead Poisoning Attorneys – Long Island

If the recent recalls of popular toys manufactured overseas are any indication, lead poisoning is still a threat to our children’s safety. Lead poisoning causes millions of American children to suffer from symptoms ranging from hyperactivity to coma and death. If you or your child…

Suffolk County Personal Injury Attorney: New York Negligence and Tort Laws

Suffolk County personal injury law is based on two principles: negligence and intentional acts. Negligence involves someone bringing about harm without the intention to cause injury. Vehicular accidents (if a person is not breaking the law), slip and fall accidents and professional malpractice accidents are…

Lead Poisoning Attorneys – New York Still Has a Problem

Though many people would like to think that lead poisoning is no longer a problem in this day and age, it is still poses a very serious threat to our nation’s children. Every other house constructed between 1940 and 1960 has lead-based paint coating their…

What Good Auto Accident Injury Lawyers Should Do for Their Clients

Many car accident lawyers do not seem to learn from the mistakes of their peers, seeing that these mistakes are made over and over again. The best way to increase the value of your case is to get a car accident attorney who consciously avoids…

The Importance of Getting the Best Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer

The best Long Island personal injury lawyers define personal injury as a mental, physical or emotional hurt. Personal injury may arise from a person’s intentional or unintentional action. The common law defines a tort as a civil wrong. If you are suffering from a personal…



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