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Boyfriend Of Crash Victim Says He Hopes Driver Tried To Save Her

A young woman died in a fiery accident in New York. Her body was found in the car after firefighters put out the flames, an inferno that engulfed the entire vehicle.

The woman was a passenger in that car. The driver, a man in his early 20s, has been charged with leaving the scene of the crash and negligent homicide, among other things. Part of the reason the story has been in the press so much is that he was seen on a video recording hopping into a cab — with the woman still in the burning car — and riding away from the scene.

That driver did indicate that he was on a date with the woman, but she had another boyfriend. He claims she wasn’t cheating on him, that the man may have just made it up to try and get some sympathy from the authorities. He said that the two were perhaps best friends and that he’d met the other man before.

Most of all, he said that he hopes the driver tried to save her from the burning wreck. He pointed out that people did not yet know the entire story of what took place on that fateful night; the video clip is not long and doesn’t show the man getting out of the car.

He also praised his girlfriend, calling her an angel. He said she was always positive and there for others when they needed her.

This is certainly a tragic wreck, and it shows just how quickly a life can be taken away. When this happens, though financial compensation can never bring the person back, it’s important for family members to know their rights. Compensation may still help with things like lost wages or funeral costs.

Source: ABC 7 New York, “Boyfriend of Gowanus car fire victim has message for driver,” CeFaan Kim, Oct. 16, 2017

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