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An Attorney Can Help If You’ve Been Harmed By Cosmetics

The recent news that some makeup being sold by a pair of U.S. chains favored by younger girls and teenagers contains asbestos didn’t come as a surprise to many.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made the announcement that four products being sold contained asbestos, which is a mineral that has been identified as a carcinogen.

One of the stores, while staunchly maintaining that its products are safe, said it voluntarily removed its compact power, contour powder and eye shadows from store shelves. The other store took its product off the market in 2017.

Both stores have locations in New York.

The reality is that the government has no oversight of cosmetics, however. In its statement announcing its findings, the FDA said that it needs greater authority to test and regulate cosmetics. The law hasn’t been updated for more than 80 years, according to the agency.

“The current law does not require cosmetics to be reviewed and approved by the FDA prior to being sold to American consumers,” it said in its news release. The FDA said companies now are responsible for the safety of the products.

“To be clear, there are currently no legal requirements for any cosmetic manufacturer marketing products to American consumers to test their products for safety,” the FDA said.

The FDA said Congress needs to “modernize” the regulation of cosmetics and would like to work in tandem with lawmakers.

Asbestos is thought to be the cause of mesothelioma, which affects the chest and abdomen, and it also has been tied to lung disease and other cancer types.

Cosmetics wearers of all ages deserve to know the products they use are safe, and if you or your child have been harmed, you may contact an attorney for advice about how to proceed.

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